October 1 2014 Latest news:

Les Dennis returned to Norfolk for the first time since his best friend’s memorial service to see how his favourite hotel was getting on.

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The television star last visited the county following the death of popular hotelier Paul Whittome, who ran the Hoste Arms in Burnham Market.

Returning to see some of the improvements his widow Jeanne has made in recent months, Mr Dennis said: “The Hoste is one of my favourite places in the world – probably the favourite place – to come to. I’ll take any excuse to come here and see what Paul’s legacy is and what a great job Jeanne has done with that.”

The presenter and comedian visited the hotel’s new spa, where a Japanese garden has also just been opened, and was joined by Mrs Whittome’s good friend the Duchess of Rutland.

He said: “Every time I come I think ‘it can’t get any better’ but somehow it does. I visited the spa today and thought ‘this is incredible’.

“It’s always relaxed. Everybody talks about Paul with great fondness and remembers the great times – although of course it’s tinged with sadness.

“But he’s here. He was The Hoste. It was aptly named. Being here is a great reminder of my friendship with him. He was one of my best friends. I can’t think of him without smiling.”

While here he hoped to try out some of the treatments at the beauty spa and was already planning a return visit to Norfolk.

“It’s always on my list,” he said. “When I’m not working, it’s the place I come to relax. My wife’s about to have a baby so we hope to bring our new arrival here in the summer.”





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