A Norfolk shepherdess was stunned to raise £1,752 for charity after auctioning a single lamb in memory of her grandmother.

Michelle Lakey, from Briston, near Holt, offered a lamb from her flock to be sold at Norwich Livestock Market for Parkinson's UK and dementia charities in honour of her grandmother, who died recently.

The lamb sold for £160 on the first occasion and was then re-offered for sale eight times as the farming community rallied round to support the cause.

With the help of additional generous donations from market staff and buyers, the eventual total reached £1,752 to be shared between the charities.

"It is fantastic, I never expected to raise so much," said Miss Lakey.

Sheep auctioneer Tim Webster said: "It was sold the first time for £160 and then put up for auction again and again. I even bought it once myself.

"To raise so much money for charity in just a few minutes is a great effort."