A mobile supermarket aimed at supporting people in the coastal areas of north and west Norfolk has been launched. 

The Coastal Health and Wellbeing Community Supermarket van is offering food up to 30pc cheaper than regular stores, in a bid to help those finding it hard to make ends meet. 

It will hit the road thanks to support from the Norfolk Community Foundation and becomes the 10th food hub in the Nourishing Norfolk Network.

The revamped, former delivery van will make trips to Hunstanton, Walsingham, Little Snoring and Blakeney, while a static version can be found every Wednesday afternoon at The Hive Café at Wells Community Hospital.

Heading up the project is Simon Prince, general manager of coastal health and wellbeing at the hospital, and Helen Roythorne, who has been funded by Norfolk Community Foundation to manage the scheme.

Mr Prince said: "Our aim is to help our community have access to healthy, nutritious, low-cost food, which will help them live a healthier lifestyle and get their finances to go a little bit further.

“We offer free fruit and vegetables, which are kindly donated to us by local suppliers; we have free sanitary products. We don’t just offer tins of beans - we offer things like cleaning products and pet food.

“We are hoping this will become a five-day-a-week project and are working constantly with the local communities to see where those needs are.”

Those looking to access the community supermarket must live permanently in either west or north Norfolk. It will be necessary to pay a £3.50 joining fee to access the sites. 

Sheringham, Holt and Fakenham are due to be added to the programme over the coming months. 

The project is also in need of corporate funding and volunteers. To get involved, email simon.prince@wellshospital.uk or helen.roythorne@wellshospital.uk.

Fakenham & Wells Times: Simon Prince, general manager of coastal health and wellbeing at Wells Community HospitalSimon Prince, general manager of coastal health and wellbeing at Wells Community Hospital (Image: Rechenda Smith, Nurture Marketing)

Details for the mobile supermarket are as follows: 

  • Hunstanton Town Hall: Monday, 10am to 1pm
  • Walsingham Village Hall: Tuesday (first, second and third of each month), 10am to 12pm
  • Little Snoring Community Room: Tuesday (first and third of each month), 1-3pm
  • Blakeney Village Hall: Tuesday (fourth of each month), 10am to 3pm
  • The Hive Café at Wells Community Hospital: Wednesday, 2-5pm