A spillage of an unknown substance has created dangerous conditions for drivers in Fakenham this afternoon (January 26). 

It has been causing problems for drivers around the Morrisons supermarket in Clipbush Lane.

Ben McCarthy was driving to Morrisons at 2.30pm this afternoon when he was caught up in the spillage. 

He said: "It looked like a diesel or an oil spill and when I came around the roundabout I went sideways.

“The spill runs from Morrisons car park past the garage and football club and all the way to the B&Q roundabout, then down Greenaway Lane to Lidl.”

Mr McCarthy contacted Norfolk County Council Highways who told him they were sending someone out to the incident.

Norfolk Police was also called at around 2.50pm regarding the incident. 

Members of the Fakenham Community Notice Board Facebook group commented that their wheels went "all over the place" and that it was "very slippery".