The cost-of-living crisis has claimed another high street shop - this one selling everything from candles to hand-painted furniture.

But Tracey Beane, owner of House of Beane, said she saw the closure of her gift shop in Fakenham as the start of a new chapter.

After moving her shop from The Drift to Upper Market Place last February, Mrs Beane closed it last month in favour of selling online and at a market stall.

Mrs Beane said: “I don't regret having my shop as it was a great experience, it's just a shame the cost of living has risen so much and is forcing so many businesses to close.

“I'm just grateful I have been able to change direction and continue my small business, just in another way.”

Mrs Beane said a drastic rise in utility bills and a sharp decline in sales were reasons she had to close the shop.

Fakenham & Wells Times: House of Beane on Upper Market Place in Fakenham closed last monthHouse of Beane on Upper Market Place in Fakenham closed last month (Image: Aaron McMillan)

She said she luckily had a break-out clause in her lease, allowing her to leave after a year if “things were not working out.” 

She said: “I felt sad to leave the shop and my customers, I met so many lovely people and miss my chats.

"Due to the rising cost of living people understandably were cutting back on non-essentials.” 

Fakenham & Wells Times: Tracey Beane, owner of House of BeaneTracey Beane, owner of House of Beane (Image: Archant)

House of Beane continues online and Mrs Beane sells her wax melts in The 'Erb Lady on Bridge Street. She has also had a weekly stall at the Fakenham Flea Market since January.

She said: “The market stall is going well with lots of my regular customers from the shop coming to visit.

“It is a great market with lots of interesting stalls and friendly stall holders who have made me feel very welcome.  

"Unfortunately, I can't fit all my stock on my stall so I also have an online shop.”