Norfolk's roads have been in a constant state of flux in recent years with a number of major projects aimed at improving transport infrastructure. 

It is one of only a few counties in the country to not have a motorway and there are countless rural roads that weave through the isolated and tranquil heartland.

This year alone, there have been several serious and fatal crashes, prompting warnings from police and calls for a new road safety campaign.

Fakenham & Wells Times: Traffic on the Acle StraightTraffic on the Acle Straight (Image: Newsquest)

Norfolk County Council has said it is investing £133m towards improving highways and transport over the next year, balancing improving journey times while ensuring the "highest possible" levels of safety.

A county council spokesman said: “Considerable investment, planning and time is dedicated to ensuring that all Norfolk’s roads are maintained to the highest possible levels of safety while assisting journey times for motorists.

"However, this must also be seen in the context of the high volumes of traffic that we experience on Norfolk’s roads and the availability of funding to maintain and improve them.”

In addition, the council has been lobbying the government for the dualling of the A47, which is managed by National Highways - while the saga of the Norwich Western link continues. 

From "scary" potholes to confusing roundabouts, here are seven of the worst roads to drive on in Norfolk, according to you. 

Fakenham & Wells Times: The Acle Straight is thought to be one of the most haunted roads in the countyThe Acle Straight is thought to be one of the most haunted roads in the county (Image: Newsquest)

1. Acle Straight

This nine-mile stretch of the major A47 trunk road connects Acle to Great Yarmouth and as the name may suggest, is exceptionally straight.

Only a single carriageway, it often becomes congested with traffic, particularly in the summer months.

And it is rumoured to be one of the most haunted roads in Norfolk with ghostly sightings often reported. 

One reader said: "I never go on it and try to avoid it. It's horrible."

Others commented on the high number of accidents on the stretch. 

Fakenham & Wells Times: The A17 links King's Lynn with NottinghamshireThe A17 links King's Lynn with Nottinghamshire (Image: Chris Bishop)

2. A17

Several people said the A17 was their least favourite road to drive on in Norfolk, with one person describing it as "particularly dreadful".

Mostly a single-carriageway, the road connects King's Lynn to Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire and it is a major route for HGVs transporting goods across the country and for holidaymakers travelling to north Norfolk.

Today, it carries more traffic than it was designed for, often making it congested.

Fakenham & Wells Times: The NDR is a major route in the countyThe NDR is a major route in the county (Image: Denise Bradley)

3. NDR

The Broadland Northway, more commonly known as the NDR (Northern Distributor Road), is an important route linking the A47 to the south east of the city with Norwich Airport and routes to north Norfolk.

But for a number of people, the roundabouts cause a nuisance to drivers.

One person said the lack of lights at the roundabouts make them challenging on approach, adding "It is no wonder there are so many accidents."

Others said it is confusing to know which lane to go into and that they have witnessed many "near misses". 

Fakenham & Wells Times: The A10 in west NorfolkThe A10 in west Norfolk (Image: Google)

4. A10 from King's Lynn to Littleport 

The A10 is a major road that links King's Lynn and Cambridge to the city of London.

It travels through much of west Norfolk and it is a hotspot for crashes between West Winch, Tottenhill and Downham Market.

One driver said it has some of the "scariest potholes and ruts" in the county.

Fakenham & Wells Times: A traffic jam on the A149 at HunstantonA traffic jam on the A149 at Hunstanton (Image: Chris Bishop)

5. A149

The A149 is more commonly known as the "Coast Road", connecting villages and towns along the north Norfolk coast from King's Lynn all the way around to Great Yarmouth.

While one of the most scenic routes in the county, it also has its fair share of problems with potholes, dropped rains and raised manhole covers, according to a driver who uses it regularly.

Another complained that tourists unfamiliar with the road can often be confused by the road signs, causing frustrations for regular users.

Fakenham & Wells Times: The A146 links Norwich with the Suffolk towns of Lowestoft and BecclesThe A146 links Norwich with the Suffolk towns of Lowestoft and Beccles (Image: Newsquest)

6. A146

The A146 links Norwich to Lowestoft and is around 27 miles in length.

It is mainly a single-carriageway with the exception of a dual section south of Norwich.

There are often crashes along the stretch, with a number occurring at the Trowse junction. Further south near the Old Feathers pub in Framingham Pigot is also a hotspot. 

During rush hour points, crashes can cause havoc for drivers, facing long waits and congestion due to it being a single carriageway for much of the route.

Fakenham & Wells Times: Thickthorn roundabout is a major interchange in the countryThickthorn roundabout is a major interchange in the country (Image: Mike Page)

7. A47 between Norwich and King's Lynn

This route is one of the busiest in the county linking Norwich with the towns of Dereham, Swaffham and on to King's Lynn.

One commenter, who is a lorry driver, said it is a "horrible stretch" for HGVs.

To the south west of Norwich is Thickthorn roundabout, a major interchange that connects the A47 with the A11 and is notorious for being a crash hotspot.