A community partnership is making sure there is a spot where everyone can post in their town.

AboutDereham has completed a project to install, replace and refurbish noticeboards in the town after being told by residents they wanted a way to find out what was going on.

As a result of local groups working together, Dereham’s biggest public noticeboard has been refurbished after Carolyn Coleman, from the aboutDereham Partnership management team, led the plans.

Chairman of the aboutDereham partnership, Mike Webb said: “People are expected to remove notices when they expire and keep the area tidy.

Fakenham & Wells Times: The noticeboard in Dereham before it was refurbished The noticeboard in Dereham before it was refurbished (Image: Carolyn Coleman)

“In another example of groups working together, a volunteer from the Norfolk Opportunities Centre in Dereham also checks the new noticeboards regularly which is a great opportunity for learners to gain valuable work experience and help their community at the same time.”

The new noticeboard, funded by Dereham shopping centre operator Dencora, has been installed on Wright’s Walk beside the Ellenor Fenn Garden.

Dereham Men's Shed, a local charity group, has also installed new noticeboards outside the Toftwood Co-op and two at the Dereham Windmill.

Fakenham & Wells Times: Jim Stebbings and Cllr Philip Morton, at the new Dereham noticeboardJim Stebbings and Cllr Philip Morton, at the new Dereham noticeboard (Image: Carolyn Coleman)

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Men’s Shed has now refurbished the much-used noticeboard outside the main Post Office as well, which has been there since the mid-80s and showing signs of its age. Rotting wood has been replaced with smart new hardwood sides and top rails.

A new rubber surface makes it easy to use drawing pins to put up posters, unlike the old hardwood backboard. It’s also weather-proof, as is the new paintwork.

The noticeboard was originally installed by the Dereham Society which was formed in 1976 to “protect, promote and preserve all that is good about Dereham,” said former society secretary, Dorothy Sneesby, who added: “Posters had to be handed in at the old Chamber's shop and my father, Reggie Money, used to collect the notices and put them up on the noticeboard.”