Sun-seekers in Norfolk are hopeful as warmer temperatures are predicted to make a return. 

Following a week of heavier-than-usual rain and some thunderstorms, the county has experienced drier weather than the rest of the country. 

This may continue into the weekend and early next week, according to the Met Office, which said the next few days are a "mixed picture".

But Saturday and Sunday will see settled starts, with low wind and sunny spells throughout much of the day. 

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This will continue into Monday when temperatures are to climb from 17C to more than 20C. 

Heading into Tuesday, the wind will begin to pick up as a storm front moves in from America in the west, but Norfolk is likely to stay drier and warmer. 

From Tuesday, temperatures could peak at 23C but will be more turbulent as storm conditions pick up. 

By mid to late week, the Met Office spokesman said it was difficult to predict which way the weather will go but Norfolk will see some more sun yet.