He’s planning to push a 75kg barrel of beer around Norfolk covering the equivalent of seven marathons in seven days.

And when David Holliday, of Moon Gazer Ales in Hindringham, near Fakenham, undertakes the challenge he will have a song in his head written just for the occasion.

The tune "Life in Your Hands" has been written by Wymondham-based Matt Watson in support of male cancer charity It’s On the Ball and will form a part of Mr Holliday’s trek, which will take place October 1-7 and cover 186 miles.

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Mr Holliday said: “I am a big fan of Matt’s songwriting and had an idea that if we could create a tune with the message, it might be a way of getting through and saving lives, and that isn’t being overdramatic. 

“The good news about this cancer is that with early diagnosis 96pc can be cured, however the flip side is that it is one of the fastest spreading cancers and so ignoring it for just a few weeks could be the difference between life and death.”

The song is available to download on Bandcamp for just £1 which is then all donated to the charity.

Mr Watson said: “I was really happy to help out with the tune when David approached me and am excited that it will be able to make a difference and save lives. 

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“I wanted the tune to be upbeat. It's about living life to the full and literally the chorus says it all.

"Take the chance take your life in your hands and maybe tomorrow you’ll have time to borrow – a simple monthly self-check can highlight any problems which can then be quickly dealt with. Your life in your hands.”

Donations for the 'beer push' can be made at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/BeerPushIOTB and the song can be found on itsontheballcharitysong2023.bandcamp.com, search for Life in Your Hands.