A new boardwalk will allow visitors to once again enjoy a stretch of the Norfolk Coast Path which is currently closed.

Norfolk County Council has been given planning permission to replace the existing wooden walk at Brancaster, where timbers are rotting away.

They will be replaced by a glass-reinforced plastic structure, with an expected life of 75 years.

In a planning statement, the county council said: "The route is a vital green corridor connecting local communities and landscapes.

"It provides necessary access to green space for the community and visitors and strengthens connections between people and place; providing the opportunity to be immersed in the sights, sounds, touch, feel and smell of the landscape."

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The new walkway will have viewing platforms and benches, from which visitors can enjoy coastal views.

A planning officer's report says 15 objections were received, on grounds including the platforms and benches' impact on the privacy of those living near the path.

It adds benches and platforms have now been moved to take account of residents' views.

The work will enable the path, which is currently closed for safety reasons, to be reopened.