A weather warning has been issued for Norfolk as heavy rain is set to hit the county ahead of a cold snap. 

The Met Office has issued the yellow weather warning from 9pm today until 8pm tomorrow, with spray and flooding "likely" to affect homes and roads. 

As well as car journey times being longer, train and bus services could be impacted.

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Fakenham & Wells Times: The warning covers much of England The warning covers much of England (Image: Met Office)The forecaster has warned winds may reach gusts of up to 50mph, with 30mm to 50 mm of rainfall possible. 

Some thunderstorms could develop, causing further disruption. 

The warning comes as freezing conditions are predicted to arrive in Norfolk as early as Sunday night when the mercury drops to 0C for the first time since last winter.

As recently as last weekend, temperatures in Norfolk were as high as 25C, hotter than some areas of the Mediterranean.