Norfolk had the coldest overnight temperatures of the winter so far - as forecasters warned that Storm Debi could bring strong winds. 

Meteorologist Dan Holley shared that Marham recorded an overnight temperature of -2.4 degrees Celsius on Saturday night, making it the coldest night of the winter so far in the east region. 


The record was previously held by Santon Downham in Suffolk which recorded an overnight temperature of -2.4C back in April.

Fakenham & Wells Times: Winter is beginning to show at Roydon CommonWinter is beginning to show at Roydon Common (Image: Julie Smart)Meanwhile, Storm Debi - which is due to hit parts of Ireland and South Scotland on Monday - could have an impact in the region. 

For Norfolk, it means there could be southwesterly winds with gusts between 40mph and 50mph from mid-morning through to early evening. 

On Monday morning there will be widespread rain with heavier rain and possible thunderstorms as the day progresses. 


The Met Office forecast shows that temperatures in the county for the week will be between 10 and 14C.