A pub landlady is opening a new cafe named after her "beautiful mum".

Alie May-Hannam, who runs The Crown in Fakenham's Market Place, said Delia’s Kitchen would open later this month.

The cafe will be inside Meadow Walk, an assisted living centre in Trinity Road in the town.

Mrs May-Hannam said: “I’ve decided to call the cafe Delia’s Kitchen in memory of my beautiful mum.

“I've also added freesia plants on the new signage that will go behind the servery, which my mum had in her wedding bouquet. I wanted something bright and colourful.

“Meadow Walk is a bright, happy place, so the new signs will fit well.

"I’m excited about opening Delia’s Kitchen. All the staff that will be working alongside me are all enthusiastic about working up there."

The idea came about around four months ago after Meadow Walk got in touch with Mrs May-Hannam, when it needed someone to provide hot lunches every day for three months while their kitchen was closed.

Fakenham & Wells Times: Alie May-Hannam, who runs The Crown pub in FakenhamAlie May-Hannam, who runs The Crown pub in Fakenham (Image: Alie May-Hannam)

She said: “I was then offered to take over the kitchen, and I jumped at the chance.

“The whole place has such a warm feel to it and I love going up there every day.

"The residents and staff are really lovely, and I always walk out of there with a smile on my face.

The cafe will be open seven days a week, offering home-cooked food, cakes, scones and roast dinners on Sundays.

Fakenham & Wells Times: Meadow Walk, on Trinity Road in FakenhamMeadow Walk, on Trinity Road in Fakenham (Image: NNDC)

Fakenham & Wells Times: Delia’s Kitchen is set to open in Fakenham this DecemberDelia’s Kitchen is set to open in Fakenham this December (Image: Alie May-Hannam)

Mrs May-Hannam has been running The Crown for almost seven years, and said she would split her time between the venues after the cafe opened.

Its opening hours will be Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and 10am to 3pm on Sundays with roasts being served from midday to 2pm.