Norfolk Police has participated in a multi-agency fraud crackdown that resulted in more than 400 arrests across the country.

Operation Henhouse was coordinated by the National Economic Crime Centre and City of London Police and ran throughout February and March. 

Nationwide, there were 438 arrests, 211 voluntary interviews, 283 cease and desist notices, account freezing orders of £5.1m and seizures of cash and assets worth £13.9m.

Of these arrests, 27 were made in Norfolk.

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Adrian Searle, director of the National Economic Crime Centre, said: “Henhouse is proof of what policing and wider law enforcement across the UK can achieve when we come together.

“The emotional harm that fraud causes is immense, and many of those targeted are faced with devastating and life-changing losses."

Security minister Tom Tugendhat said: "Fraud destroys lives.

"Operations like Henhouse are absolutely vital to crack down on fraudsters and stop them profiteering off of our family, friends, and neighbours.

"Our approach is working - fraud is already down 13pc in England and Wales.

"This government is determined to continue our efforts to bring fraudsters to justice and protect the public.”