It is a family business in Fakenham that has kept motorcycling enthusiasts on the road and equipped with all the best gear for 40 years.

And on reaching this impressive milestone, R.J. Francis Motorcycles and Cycles Direct continues its legacy in the town, having recently brought the third generation onboard.

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The company is proud of the longevity in relationships it has maintained with its customers over 40 years.

“We still have repeat customers and great relationships with them,” said Jonathon Bunkle, son of Nigel Bunkle, who still owns the business. 

When asked about what a milestone like this means for the family, Jonathan believes that it is “very important for family businesses to keep going in a small town like Fakenham".

Although the company was originally started by Bob Francis, Nigel Bunkle bought the business in 1984. He soon went from strength to strength and outgrew the site.

Once the business had outgrown its location, Nigel moved the operation over to Holt Road where it continues to operate.

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For the last 40 years, the business has been garnering a large stock of bicycles, accessories and spares to local motorcycle enthusiasts. 

It was also an early adopter of ebike technology, and now has over 20 years of experience with several manufacturers. "Obviously as the technology has continued to evolve, I've had to have training to keep up," said Jonathon.

Fakenham & Wells Times: Maintenance and services are offered for all two-wheel needsMaintenance and services are offered for all two-wheel needs (Image: Jonathon Bunkle)
He added that the business also stock "over 100 motorcycle helmets, clothing and spares for motorcycles, in fact there are too many to mention".

The busy workshop undertakes service work and repairs on a variety of two, three and sometimes four-wheeled equipment.

Nigel said: "It has been a privilege to have served our community for so long and we look forward to the future."

To celebrate its anniversary, the business has been running monthly campaigns for customers. In April, for example, those who purchased a bike were also treated to a free helmet.