A fear-stricken fitness manager leapt out of a plane to help dementia sufferers.

Rob Secker, from King's Lynn, mustered the courage to face his phobia of heights to skydive for the charity Dementia UK, raising almost £400.

The daring leap took place at Beccles Aerodrome on June 9.

The 34-year-old works at Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre, owned by Everyone Active in collaboration with North Norfolk District Council.

Rob Secker, 34, a duty manager at Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre is scared of heights Rob Secker, 34, a duty manager at Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre is scared of heights (Image: Parachuting UK)

The company has selected Dementia UK as its partner charity, and funds were raised through online donations and a collection at the centre.

Mr Secker revealed his motivation to jump was not only to conquer his fear of heights but to back those struggling with the degenerative condition.

He said: “I have not been personally affected by dementia but I’ve seen how it affects those using our leisure centre, particularly those caring for a loved one with the condition.

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“Dementia is exhausting and overwhelming for carers, so if I can raise some funds to help a charity which directly helps those living with dementia, then it was worth doing.

"Even if skydiving was the most terrifying experience of my life.”

Mr Secker detailed his journey from anxiety to tranquillity during the jump.

He described the moment the plane doors opened as terror-filled, however, he was jubilant upon overcoming his fears.

Mr Secker said: “The weather was perfect and once we were above the clouds it was quite beautiful.

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“Once the doors opened and the jump was imminent, I was terrified again, but I’m proud I conquered my fears and went for it.”

Everyone Active operates more than 220 leisure centres across England, offering high-value recreational activities in collaboration with more than 65 local authorities.

The public can still donate to Mr Secker’s fundraising efforts for Dementia UK online.