Affordable homes survey to be distributed in Wells

Wells next the sea. Picture: Paul Reynolds

Wells next the sea. Picture: Paul Reynolds - Credit:

An organisation which aims to provide homes for people in Wells is preparing to send out a survey that will assess the level of demand for affordable housing.

Homes for Wells will send the survey to every household, business and voluntary group in the town and they hope the research will allow them to draw up a detailed analysis of how many people are in need.

By understanding the demand it will give representatives in the town a better chance at obtaining government grants such as the Community Housing Fund, which was provided by the central government to North Norfolk District Council (NNDC).

The purpose of the £2.4m fund is to allow affordable homes to be built in areas most hit by second homes. The percentage of second homes in Wells currently exceeds 31pc, which Homes for Wells says potentially jeopardises the town’s ability to sustain local services.

The NNDC is working with parishes, developers and local housing groups across the region to decide how the funds will be distributed.

The affordable housing research is conducted by Homes for Wells every five years and while they have received 35 applications for housing they say that previous surveys revealed a much greater need because not everyone applies through the organisation.

At present their research indicates that the biggest need is for one bed units and that demand is steadily increasing.

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The surveys will be distributed up to December 15 and additional copies will be available from the Library, the Post Office, or from Homes for Wells office.

It needs to be completed and returned by the end of January. The results will be counted and analysed at the start of February.

Homes for Wells said they will also be launching a Second Homes Appeal, which asks anyone whose property is a holiday let, to donate one week’s rental each year.

David Fennel, Chair of Homes for Wells, said: “One way to keep Wells thriving all year round is for people with a home here to make it their first home. Alternatively, let it out to a local tenant so that it’s not empty most of the year.

“If every second home owner contributes, we will have enough to provide an affordable homes for four more local, working households each year.”

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