Andrew Boswell, Green

Green candidate Andrew Boswell

Green candidate Andrew Boswell - Credit: Archant

I have lived in Norfolk since 1995, been a councillor since 2005, and am married with three grown-up children.

I am standing so you may vote for a fair society that cares for the most vulnerable; politics that puts local people, housing and services first.

Children in Fakenham in and around need good schooling; I will push for this and high standards at secondary level schools. Stretched services like local medical facilities and school places must develop along any new housing, which itself must fit the town and community. I want to see high speed broadband for local businesses and better mobile reception for farms and remote locations: I have worked for these at the county council. Fakenham needs a local swimming pool and investment should be found for this.

As your Green MP, I will work for a cohesive and flourishing local community, and good opportunities for local people.