Anger over delay to fix water leak in Litcham

Manor Drive resident Stephen Lynn from Litcham with the water leak which has been there for weeks. P

Manor Drive resident Stephen Lynn from Litcham with the water leak which has been there for weeks. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

Villagers have voiced their frustrations after a water leak in their road has been left untreated for weeks, forcing elderly people to walk in the middle of the street.

The mains water leak in Manor Drive, Litcham, near Dereham, has been reported to Anglian Water and has been assigned a job number, but is yet to be fixed.

People living in the area have said it runs across the pavement and at times stretches a metre into the road.

It is said to cause particular problems for people with disabled buggies and walkers, also people with pushchairs as they have to walk into the middle of the road to get around the water.

Stephen Lynn, 65, who has lived on Manor Drive since 1977, said the leak appeared about five weeks ago.

He said: 'It is the main pedestrian cut-through from the village to the health centre.

'If you have a buggy or a walker, you have to either go through it or go in the middle of the road which is only wide enough for one car and near to a bend.

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'Everybody is annoyed about it. It must be wasting thousands of litres of water.'

Peter Stoner, 82, who lives near the leak, said: 'It's just a waste. They should've been here sooner than this.'

An Anglian Water spokesman said the leak was reported to them on August 18. She said the leak was due to be repaired yesterday afternoon.

She added: 'We are sorry for the delay in repairing the leak on Manor Drive in Litcham. We would like to thank those customers who conscientiously reported it to us.'

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