Praise for village school with ‘strong teaching’ despite requiring improvement

Blenheim Park School

Blenheim Park School - Credit: Archant

A village school from north Norfolk has been praised for its efforts despite being graded as requiring improvement.

Blenheim Park Academy based in Sculthorpe, between Fakenham and Docking, was given the rating from Ofsted inspectors when they visited for two days from January 22.

The inspection team noted that behaviour, attitudes, personal development, leadership and management was good but that the quality of education and early years provision requires improvement.

The report, published on February 12, read: 'Since the school became an academy, leaders have taken effective action to improve all aspects of school life. There is now a stable staff team who work closely together to improve pupils' education.

'Leaders have recently undertaken a complete review of the curriculum in all subjects other than English and mathematics. They have gone back to the core of each subject and considered exactly what pupils need to experience to make progress. This is all carefully planned out to a good quality. It has begun to be implemented but is at an early stage. It is too soon to be able to tell if it will be effective.'

At the time of the inspection, the school had 87 pupils registered.

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Headteacher Nikki Taylor said she was pleased with all of the 'positive steps' taken at Blenheim Park Academy. She added: 'Our next stage is the implementation stage of our curriculum. We have spent a lot of time on it.

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'This is a positive move and we've come such a long way - it's an on-going process.'

Ms Taylor said she was pleased with how positive inspectors were about behaviour at the school and she vowed to 'continue the good work'.

The report added: 'Leaders have raised the standard of teaching since the school became an academy.

'The teaching of reading is strong. Pupils' achievement reflects this.'

Staff was also praised for engaging parents and making sure pupils were 'knowledgeable about British values and what they mean in real life'.

Blenheim Park Academy converted to become an academy on March 1, 2017, and has not been previously inspected as an academy. It is part of the Ad Meliora multi-academy trust, which consists of three schools.

When its predecessor school, Blenheim Park Primary School, was last inspected by Ofsted, it was judged to be inadequate overall.