Briston people tell Boundary Commission they do not want to move into the Broadland parliamentary constituency

Briston village sign

Briston village sign - Credit: Colin Finch

People living in Briston have told the Boundary Commission for England (BCE) they do not want their parliamentary constituency to change from North Norfolk to Broadland at the next election.

Constituency boundary changes. Graphic by Archant.

Constituency boundary changes. Graphic by Archant. - Credit: Archant.

The BCE wants to re-draw the electoral map in North Norfolk. Under the plans North Norfolk would gain Aylsham, but lose the village of Briston under the proposals to cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600.

The comments were among almost 20,000 responses released following a first round consultation on the changes, due to take effect in time for the 2020 general election.

Voters now have until March 27 to take part in a second round of consultations, with final proposals due in October 2018.

While the parliamentary constituency boundary would change, Briston would remain part of the North Norfolk District Council area under the plans.

The following responses were submitted by people living in the village of Briston:

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Margaret Ottey said she did not want to see Briston and Melton Constable split up because they run into each other and share a primary school and doctor.

'Briston belongs with Stody, Holt, Hunworth and Melton Constable,' she said.

'And we don't want to lose our lovely MP Norman Lamb!'

Victoria McHarrie said she could see no logic in moving Briston out of North Norfolk and bringing Aylsham in.

'Briston is far closer to Cromer and should remain as part of North Norfolk. Geographically Briston is situated in the north of Norfolk.'

Karen Massingham said she wanted to stay within north Norfolk as they were closer to the coast than Norwich. She said the number of voters in Briston would not make a lot of difference.

Robert Richards said he voted for the Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb in the last election as he felt he did a good job for the constituency and understood the needs of coastal facing communities.

'Briston due to its proximity to the coast is affected on a day to day basis due to services provided by the local North Norfolk District Council and it seems logical to keep Briston in the North Norfolk constituency.'

Irene Moore said Briston was more a part of North Norfolk than Aylsham, which was closer to Norwich and the Broads.

'Briston has less than 3,000 electors, moving this village would not make that much difference.'

'A constituency called North Norfolk should be made up of villages IN North Norfolk.'

Marilyn Reynolds said she found it absurd to think the parish of Briston should be registered as Broadland.

'We are nowhere near Broadland. We are and should remain as North Norfolk area.'

Graham Pickhaver said Broadland was an irrelevant title for that part of Norfolk as the nearest Broad was a 40 minute ride away.

'Briston is very much part of north Norfolk life and to be brought into Broadland would be detrimental to our current needs and requirements.

'To exchange Aylsham for Briston would provide only a marginal difference in achieving the required area number. Best to leave things as they are.'