Wellness retreat with wood cabins could be built at Norfolk farm

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A wellness retreat with wood cabins has been proposed at a farm in Whissonsett, near Fakenham, to help people escape the stresses of day-to-day life. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A wellness retreat with wood cabins has been proposed at a Norfolk farm to help people escape the stresses of day-to-day life. 

The plans were submitted to Breckland Council for the creation of the retreat facility including three wood cabins and a studio at Lower Farm, New Road, in Whissonsett. 

The site, near Fakenham, is 0.49 hectares in size and is situated within a field east off New Road.  

On planning documents online it states: “The applicant is a qualified yoga instructor with an extensive range of experience both running and participating in wellness and mindfulness practices and as such understands the requirement for a successful retreat. 

“The site has been chosen due to its peaceful nature with the addition of planting trees to enhance wildlife the scheme will create an ideal location for such practices. 

“The purpose of the facility is for participants to separate from the routine and stresses of day-to-day life."

It continues: "The proposal would create a unique facility which would provide health benefits through spending time in a peaceful, ecologically friendly environment, surrounded by nature and wildlife.

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“It is recognised that peaceful retreats and mindfulness practices, such as yoga can improve the development of the brain, be highly effective in fighting against depression and anxiety.” 

The plans include three lodge cabins which would be used as accommodation and a studio for mindfulness classes and wellness practices which would be undertaken during the retreat.  

The cabins will have “adequate room for sleeping and washing facilities within each unit" as well as a kitchen and recreational space. 

The documents add: “The proposal would enhance the biodiversity of the site through the planting of a wildflower meadow and trees to providing screening and privacy for the centre.  

“Wood cabins have been selected to be keeping with woodland which would surround the development. 

“The proposal would produce several benefits including the creation of a new business and attract visitors to the village. The facility promotes a healthier lifestyle and would provide extensive health benefits to participants of the practice. We would consider that the proposed wellness retreat would enhance the area.”