Children from across East Anglia join youth pilgrimage

Over 550 children and families have taken part in the annual East Anglia Children’s Pilgrimage to Walsingham.

The pilgrimage on Tuesday, May 28, saw groups from across the region come together to enjoy a walk, Mass and then a picnic on Wells beach.

Organiser Chris Storman said: "I think the pilgrimage went very well, with beautiful flowers and was one of the largest we have had.

"It was a truly joyous walk. Children carrying their many banners and strewing flowers and petals behind the statue carriers, performing happily and with reverence."

Children and families first gathered in the Friday Market Place in Little Walsingham outside the Church of the Annunciation and set off on their procession.

Once at the Shrine and inside a packed Chapel of Reconciliation, everyone was welcomed to the Mass by Bishop Alan Hopes before many made their way to Wells beach.