Chocolate factory brings coronavirus cases down to one

Kinnerton chocolate factory, Fakenham. Picture: Ian Burt

Kinnerton chocolate factory, Fakenham. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

A Norfolk chocolate factory has all but eliminated their coronavirus cases among staff following an outbreak just over a month ago.

Kinnerton Confectionery in Fakenham now has only one confirmed case of Covid-19 among staff, having had 15 at the height of an outbreak announced on January 10.

This was confirmed by site director Michael Artt, who said: "Our situation continues to be in good control and is stable with only one confirmed case."

This is good news for the site, who saw their cases drop to two in late January.

Fire-fighters were called to a chemical incident at the Kinnerton factory in Fakenham, which makes c

Kinnerton factory remained opened throughout the outbreak - Credit: Ian Burt

The factory remained open throughout the spike in cases. They said they were doing everything possible to make the workplace safe for employees, which has rung true.

In January when Kinnertons had its outbreak, the town suffered its worse spike in Covid cases.

Over the last month weeks, rates have fallen quite drastically in the town. On the seven days to December 31, 63 cases were recorded in Fakenham. By February 4, cases fell to five.

The fall in cases in Fakenham coincides with the national lockdown, but also due to the appearance of ‘Covid officers’ appearing in the market town to keep an eye on businesses. 
Although there has been a mild spike, with six cases recorded on the week ending February 10.

Christopher Cushing, the new Conservative leader for North Norfolk District Council. Picture: SUPPLI

Christopher Cushing, the new Conservative leader for North Norfolk District Council. Picture: SUPPLIED BY THE CANDIDATE - Credit: Archant

Two of Fakenham's North Norfolk District councillors were pleased to see rates falling across the town.  

Christopher Cushing said: “I am pleased that the number of COVID cases has fallen significantly since the start of the year in Fakenham and particularly at Kinnerton where there were a number of infections.

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"This is a welcome relief to all those working at the factory. This is testament to the lockdown and social distancing measures that residents have been following. The ongoing successful roll out of the vaccinations gives us all hope that we can return to some form of normality later this year.”

John Rest, pictured, said that, if people contravened these notices, they could expect to be prosecu

North Norfolk District councillor, John Rest

John Rest added: “The council and public health officials have been working closely with Kinnerton to manage COVID-19 and implement strong COVID-secure measures leading to a successful reduction in cases.

"The Council will continue to work with them and the wider community in Fakenham.”