‘Club Swap’ plan aims to broaden experiences in Fakenham

Active Fakenham's 'Club Swap'. Pictured left to right: Steve Hipkin from Active Fakenham, Kevin Clin

Active Fakenham's 'Club Swap'. Pictured left to right: Steve Hipkin from Active Fakenham, Kevin Clint, Richard Crook and Colin Williams. - Credit: Emma Licence

A series of “club swaps” are being planned in Fakenham to help local clubs, businesses and organisations to share experiences and broaden their horizons.

Active Fakenham is arranging the swaps, where people from one group can take part in the activities of another.

First to try the initiative was Kevin Clint, from the Fakenham Badminton club who joined Active Fakenham’s Steve Hipkin for a golf lesson with Fakenham Golf Club professional Colin Williams.

Mr Clint, who had never played golf before, said: “Before yesterday, I didn’t know anything about golf and always thought its sort of a ‘lazy-boy’ game.

“But after coaching from Colin I was like: ‘Wow, this is awesome’, and I enjoyed it so much I almost brought my girlfriend with me for a session of golf.

“All in all it’s an excellent idea.”

Mr Williams said: “I thought the session went well. It will be interesting to see how the two sports relate to each other as far as club-face and racket control – I’m very much looking forward to giving badminton a try’’

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Mr Williams plans to take part in a badminton session today at the Fakenham Sports and Fitness Centre.

Mr Hipkin added: “This was an excellent first Active Fakenham club swap. Colin was an excellent golf coach with great techniques to get the information across. I wonder how Colin will fare at badminton.”

The Club Swap idea was launched by Active Fakenham co-ordinator Richard Crook who said: “I have said many times there are lots of opportunities in and around the town and this is a good way to showcase them as well as giving people a chance to try something new. I hope other clubs and organisations will join in over the next few months.”