Green fingers celebrate end of chilly spring at plant lovers' day

Liz Spanton of Little Snoring-based Mandy Plants at the Creake Abbey Plant Lovers Day. 

Liz Spanton of Little Snoring-based Mandy Plants at the Creake Abbey Plant Lovers Day. - Credit: Supplied by Creake Abbey

Almost 1,000 green-fingered garden lovers have flocked to an annual plant day to celebrate the end of the coldest spring since 1922. 

Organisers of the  Creake Abbey’s Plant Lovers’ Day said they were thrilled with the enthusiasm shown for the event, which featured  27 specialist plant nurseries.

Diana Brocklebank Scott, its founder, said: "We’ve all been desperate for the sun to shine, to get into our gardens and to see our plants grow.

"Our nurserymen have had a tough year due to the pandemic and then faced further challenges due to the cold spring. We were delighted to see so many shoppers laden with plants and a thoroughly happy day was had by all.”

Figures from the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre recorded April 2021 as having the lowest average minimum temperatures since 1922. 

The figures also showed that April had the third lowest average UK minimum temperature for the month since records began in 1884.

This frost-laden, chilly month with low rainfall was then followed by the highest levels of rainfall in May since records began, posing unique challenges to gardeners and plant nurseries across the region.

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Liz Spanton of Mandy Plants based at Little Snoring, said: “The cold spring this year has left all our bedding plants and perennials about a month behind.

"Our sales to garden centres and farm shops have been really affected. We specialise in tender Mandevilla so we have had to ramp up the heating to get them looking as they are today.

"Thankfully, now the sun has arrived, our sales have kicked off at last.”

People enjoying the Creake Abbey Plant Lovers' Day. 

People enjoying the Creake Abbey Plant Lovers' Day. - Credit: Supplied by Creake Abbey

Chris Davey, of Seagate Irises in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, added: “We grow our Irises ‘hard’ outside so they’ve not had any help this year with the cold spring. As a result, they’re over two weeks behind. They’re normally perfectly in flower for Creake Abbey’s Plant Lovers’ Day, but not this year.”

The event raised money for the Wells Community Hospital Trust, whose general manager, Sarah Peberday, said: "After a difficult year, the proceeds will be utilised to support our new carer and toddler groups, helping to build back health and happiness in our community.”