Speed watchers issue over 1,500 warning letters

Volunteers from Attleborough community speed watch on London Road, near Rosecroft Primary School. Ph

Volunteers from Attleborough community speed watch on London Road, near Rosecroft Primary School. Photo: Victoria Pertusa - Credit: Archant

Drivers were given more than 1,500 letters of warning for speeding across the Fakenham and Wells area in 2021, it has been revealed.

More than 1,500 warning letters were sent out by the eight individual Norfolk Constabulary Community Speed Watch (CSW) teams across Fakenham and Wells over the last calendar year.

These volunteers contact motorists exceeding the speed limit in the area in which they carried out checks.

In our area, there are community speed watch groups in Docking, Great Bircham, Hindringham, Stanhoe, Tittleshall, Syderstone, Sculthorpe, and Fakenham.

Community Speedwatch

Speed Watch teams are not empowered to issue fines but warning letters are sent to speeding motorists - Credit: Archant

Between them, they issued 1,554 letters to motorists going over the speed limit - working out to around five letters a day.

The highest number of letters were issued by the Docking speed watch, which sent out 922 letters, 481 more than the second-highest, Great Bircham 441.

The lowest figure came from Fakenham, who only sent three letters over the course of the year - and only one less than Sculthorpe’s four.

Across Norfolk, Community Speed Watch groups captured 15,225 motorists over the speed limit in 2021 - the equivalent of 41 every day.

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Steve Dye is the coordinator of Hindringham community speed watch. He said the issue of speeding in the village goes far beyond the 80 letters issued in 2021.

Community Speed Watch volunteer

Figures have revealed the villages where most warning letters have been sent to driver caught by Community Speed Watch volunteers - Credit: Archant

Mr Dye has long been calling for funding to secure average speed cameras at either end of Hindringham, especially after they were given a police black box to record average speeds along The Street last August.

He said, over the 11 days it was running, he recorded 18,000 vehicles driving past, and 8,000 were speeding.

His team of five volunteers are going out once or twice a week, however, have not been over the last couple of weeks, as Norfolk officers have conducted ten separate speed checks on a number of days in April, May and June of this year, not with Speedwatch but as a result of the Road Safety Conference held with the Chief Constable.

No offences were identified, and words of advice were given to one village resident.

He maintains his thought that the only answer to tackle speeding is speed cameras.

The average speed cameras would be used to deter rat runners in west Norwich.

The average speed cameras would be used to deter rat runners in Hindringham - Credit: PA

“We must use the speed watcher to a point, but we cannot keep going on once or twice a week because that is not the permanent answer, the deterrent has to be the average speed camera so prosecutions are made and people adhere to the speed limit,” Mr Dye said.

“If you raise the profile of a harder line in Norfolk villages it raises everyone's awareness, especially those consistent offenders.

How many warning letters Community Speed watch groups sent in 2021

  • Docking 922
  • Great Bircham 441
  • Hindringham 80
  • Stanhoe 66
  • Tittleshall 29
  • Syderstone 9
  • Sculthorpe 4
  • Fakenham 3