Norfolk primary celebrate jubilee with time capsule

Pupils and adult bury the time capsule at Astley Primary School in Briston

Dr Pickhaver, Chair of Governors, Armin Marosi Year six, and Madaline Sillis, Foundation Stage, bury the time capsule at Astley Primary School in Briston - Credit: Astley Primary School

A Norfolk primary school is using The Queen’s jubilee as a way to link to its future.

Children, staff, and adults joined at Astley Primary School on May 27 to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum landmark, by burying a time capsule which aims to connect current and future pupils to this special moment in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It contains one item chosen by each class to mark the occasion of the Jubilee.

The school is also developing a sensory garden which is set to open later this year, in Autumn - and will also include a jubilee tree.

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Seager explained: “The sensory garden aims to become a sanctuary to promote well-being and positive mental health for both children and staff, inspired by the beauty of the natural world.”

The competition winners to design a plaque for the time capsule were Madaline Sillis from Foundation Stage and Armin Marosi from Year 6, who both assisted the Chair of Governors, Dr Pickhaver in its burial.