'You have been a super-hero' - School thanks community for IT donations

A hand drawn thank you card of a laptop

Fakenham Junior School's thank you card for the town's support with IT donations. - Credit: Fakenham Junior School

The headteacher of a junior school has thanked the community for its support during lockdown.

Headteacher of Fakenham Junior School, Adam Mason, has thanked people in the market town for their humbling support in donating devices to help children access remote learning through the lockdown.

The school does not have the addresses of everyone who donated so have issued a thank you card for the entire town, which said:

Fakenham Junior School headteacher Adam Mason.

Fakenham Junior School headteacher Adam Mason. - Credit: Supplied by Adam Mason

“Everyone has been overwhelmed and humbled by your generosity. Your donation, along with many others, meant that all children who needed a device during lockdown were able to access one.

“Moving forward, the extra IT resources will mean that children will be able to loan devices to help their future home learning.

“You have been a super-hero.

“Thank you.”

Fakenham Junior School has launched an appeal for unused laptops and tablets for pupils to use while learning at home...

Fakenham Junior School - Credit: Google StreetView

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The school has been able to donate 65 devices to help its pupils. From new tablets and laptops, refurbished computers and donating money to buy new equipment.

Mr Mason said that these donations will continue to be a massive help for the school as they come out of lockdown.

“This will have a massive legacy going forward,” he said.

"This is a silver lining of the pandemic, the IT provision we have in school going forward is a massive legacy to support children with home learning and the learning recovery of them.”

A women and her son hand over two laptops to school's headteacher

Sales assistant at Hughes, Jade Harvey and her son, Max, donates two Chromebooks to Fakenham Junior School's Headteacher, Adam Mason. - Credit: Tom Scannell

It was not only their own pupils they supported but were also able to give devices to students from both the town’s academy and infant school.

Now the school prepares to welcome back their students on March 8 and the headteacher is looking forward to it.

“I’m really excited to welcome them back,” he said.

“It will be a careful and cautious approach to start with, however being able to have all the smiling faces back in the building is what a school is built for.

“This has been hard, on the school, families and staff.

“It is not a normal and not effective way of teaching so it will be nice to get everyone back and do it properly.”

The EDP's Every Child Online campaign saw more than 5,000 laptops donated and delivered to local children during lockdown.