'We are here for the children' - Headteacher backs EDP's laptop campaign

Fakenham Junior School headteacher Adam Mason.

Fakenham Junior School headteacher Adam Mason has thrown his support behind the Every Child Online campaign. - Credit: Supplied by Adam Mason

The headteacher of a Norfolk junior school has thrown his support behind this paper’s campaign to ensure that every child in Norfolk who needs a laptop for homeschooling gets access to one.

The EDP has launched the Every Child Online campaign, alongside Norfolk County Council and the Norfolk Community Foundation to help children across the county.

Headteacher of Fakenham Junior School, Adam Mason, launched a campaign for the children in his school to have access to devices but wants to see all children in the region addressed.

“We are not just about us, we are here for the children,” he said.

A women and her son hand over two laptops to school's headteacher

Jade Harvey from and her son, Max, hand over two Chromebooks on behalf of Hughes to Fakenham Junior School's Headteacher, Adam Mason - Credit: Tom Scannell

“Whilst I am a headteacher within the Synergy Academy Trust, I’m rooted in Norfolk and we work closely with all the region’s schools. As a headteacher, I am part of the leadership structure and I want to work closely with other schools and all my colleagues."

Fakenham Junior School launched its own appeal for unwanted tablets and laptops for their pupils learning at home, which has been a huge success, with 90 devices obtained from donations from the public and local businesses.

With their government allocation and buying some with a grant, they have around 150 devices to loan out to children.

“I am humbled by the response, that there are some people donating devices that might leave them without one of their own,” he said.

Fakenham Junior School has launched an appeal for unused laptops and tablets for pupils to use while learning at home...

Fakenham Junior School launched an appeal in January for unused laptops and tablets for pupils to use while learning at home during the lockdown. - Credit: Google StreetView

“It is fantastic a community like Fakenham can pull together like this.

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“It shows how special this community is and what a special place this is to come and work each day.”

Mr Mason is not resting on his laurels, as he will now look to support children in other schools.

He has already loaned six devices to Fakenham Infant School pupils and will support Fakenham learners or anyone else who needs a device. 

Children need a laptop or tablet for homeschool.

Children need a laptop or tablet for homeschool. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

“There are other schools in our academy trust that we could go to support,” he said.

“These schools aren't far from Fakenham and if we have a surplus of devices then I will lend them to their schools to support their families.

“We are a hub for this and I am more than happy for that to continue.”

Mr Mason also thanked the hard work from the academy’s IT technicians for their support setting up devices safely.

Those wishing to donate equipment should email devices@norfolk.gov.uk.

To donate funds click here.

If you want to donate to Fakenham Junior School call them on 01328 862188 for more information.