Church launches survey to help find new rector

Fakenham Parish Church, or the Church of St Peter and St Paul PICTURE: Matthew Farmer

Fakenham Parish Church has created a survey for its residents to have their say on the new rector - Credit: Matthew Farmer

Fakenham church has called on the community to help find the perfect new Rector for their town.

The parish church in the market town has created a survey for its residents to have their say on the sort of person they want to see come in, following the retirement of Rector Francis Mason last month.

They are using the answers to create a "parish profile", so a potential successor can see exactly what the people in Fakenham are looking for.

The three questions ask people what they value about the church, what role they want the church to play in Fakenham’s growth, and what characteristics the new Rector should have.

Outgoing Rector of Fakenham Parish Church, Rev Francis Mason, and wife

Outgoing Rector of Fakenham Parish Church, Rev Francis Mason, and wife Gill at his leaving celebration at the church on July 25. - Credit: Audrey Sharp

Keith Osborn, the churchwarden, said the response has been good so far, with 20 people answering the anonymous survey, along with others who completed it on paper.

He wants everyone in the town to have their say.

“When the rector comes he is for Fakenham, it is not just the church, it is for all the people in the town who interact with the church,” he said.

“It is for the 80 people who come every week, and to those who come along for a coffee on a Thursday during the market.

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“We are after a temperature of the town, to see the sort of person the town thinks we need, as well as what we should be doing in next five or ten years.”

Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn.

Churchwarden for Fakenham Parish Church, Keith Osborn - Credit: Keith Osborn.

The survey which is running for a couple more weeks will then be used not only to find the person who fits perfectly but one who looks at the qualities as shared.

Mr Osborn has said early reaction to the survey has been good, with the most common phrase cropping up is maintaining the friendly aspect the church offers.

However, he did warn this will not be a two-week job and said it will be a few months before a potential Rector is found.

If you want to have your say, you can click here to complete the survey, or go along to the church to pick up a paper copy to complete.