Fakenham Figures - Shop owner reveals her town favourites

Owner of Crafty Ones in Fakenham, Alice Scourfield 

Owner of Crafty Ones in Fakenham, Alice Scourfield - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Alice Scourfield is hoping to return to the pub she started her working career at as she takes the hot seat for the latest edition of our Q&A.

What is your name, age, job title?

Alice Scourfield, 30, owner of Crafty Ones shop in Norwich Street and hairdresser.

How would you best describe your job or role in the community?

As a Hairdresser in Fakenham I talk to numerous people, not only do I cut hair but I talk to people about their lives.

I hear people’s opinions and listen to their troubles. As a new business owner, I would like to think I am providing a service to the community, bringing something to Fakenham that will hopefully entice more people to the town.

Owner of Crafty Ones in Fakenham, Alice Scourfield outside the shop

Owner of Crafty Ones in Fakenham, Alice Scourfield outside the shop. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

How long have you lived in Fakenham?

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Apart from one year where I lived elsewhere, I have always lived locally. For the last six years I have lived in Little Walsingham.

What would you do if you were mayor of Fakenham for a day?

I would like to look into the things that Fakenham is missing in the town. Things that if we had, more people would visit our town and fewer people would feel the need to shop elsewhere.

What is your favourite landmark (in north Norfolk)?

My favourite place is without a doubt the pine woods at Wells-Next-The-Sea.

 Its Magical, seeing the sunbeams through the trees in Wells Woods.

Sunbeams through the trees in the Wells pine woods. - Credit: Martin Sizeland

What is your favourite pub (in north Norfolk)?

Not sure I have one as it’s been so long since I visited one. I am dying to try The Ostrich Inn at South Creake, it was the first place I worked at after leaving school.

Which shops do you rely on (in north Norfolk)?

I rely on all and any of the craft and stationery supply shops.

What is your favourite place to go and eat (in north Norfolk)?

I love the pigs at Edgefield. Had some really amazing meals there.

The Pigs at Edgefield is also signed up for Eat Out to Help Out. Pic: submitted

The Pigs at Edgefield is also signed up for Eat Out to Help Out. Pic: submitted - Credit: Archant

What is a perfect day in north Norfolk for you?

I love to take my children and dogs to the pinewoods for a walk and picnic.

Which places (in north Norfolk) would you recommend to visitors?

Pensthorpe is lovely, it has so much to do.

Who is your north Norfolk hero?

Not sure how to answer this, but, I do have a huge admiration for Stephen Fry.

Stephen Fry. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

Stephen Fry, who appears in the video by the Shakespeare's Guildhall Trust to celebrate the Bard's birthday - Credit: Simon Finlay

What do you most love about north Norfolk?

The scenery, we have the most beautiful scenery.