Fakenham Figures - First Focus manager takes on the questions

First Focus Project Manager, Clarissa Belson. Picture: Aaron McMillan

First Focus Project Manager, Clarissa Belson. Picture: Aaron McMillan - Credit: Archant

In the latest of our Q&As, Clarissa Belson, a project manager at First Focus in Fakenham and a counsellor, shares her favourite things about the area she calls home.

For Clarissa Belson, three decades in Fakenham has fostered a love of her work, walks in the countryside - and a hero who is close to home.

The 47-year-old can often be found at the First Focus centre on Oak Street offering support for the community.  

How would you best describe your job or role in the community?

First Focus is here to serve and support the community in any way we can.

How long have you lived or worked in Fakenham?

I have lived in Norfolk for just over 30 years.

First Focus' centre on Oak Street in Fakenham.

First Focus' centre on Oak Street in Fakenham. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

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What would you do if you were mayor of Fakenham for a day?

If I was mayor for a day I would make sure First Focus would have to stay open for another 19 years, be it with me or someone else running it.

It's the people that use and support the service that makes the place what it is, they all have so much to offer and give back.

What is your favourite landmark?

My favourite landmark is Wells beach and the walk through the trees. It's a place that brings such calm and peace all year round. 

The Wells lifeboat wants people to be more aware of the hidden dangers when visiting the beach. Pict

Wells with its beautiful beach huts Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

What is your favourite pub? 

Not really a pub person these days but the Rampant Horse in Fakenham is the place I would choose for a drink out.

Which shops do you rely on?

With a fairly big family, I do love a bargain and tend to shop around and frequent all of the Fakenham supermarkets. 

The Rampant Horse Inn, on Queen's Road in Fakenham.

The Rampant Horse Inn, on Queen's Road in Fakenham. - Credit: Google Maps

What is your favourite place to go and eat?

My favourite place to eat this summer has been The Barsham Brewery Street food Fridays events, which has a great choice of food and atmosphere.

What is a perfect day in north Norfolk for you?

My perfect day would be my favourite breakfast at Creake Abbey then a nice walk from Holkham along the beach to Wells, stopping at the Beach Cafe for a coffee then a walk back through the woods all with the family.

Then out with friends in the evening for a nice meal and a catch-up. Life can get so busy you don't get to see the people you want to often enough.

We have to remember to make time which seems to get harder and harder.

The Abbey, North Creake Photo: Lesley Buckley

The Abbey, North Creake Photo: Lesley Buckley - Credit: Lesley Buckley

Which places would you recommend to visitors?

This is a hard one because there are so many, but when my children were younger we had a dinosaur park season ticket.

We would spend most weekends there, it was a great place for the family. I miss it more than the kids do.

Who is your north Norfolk hero?

It would have to be my husband James Belson, he works so hard and no matter what life throws at him he always has a smile for everyone and genuinely wants everyone to be happy. He makes me want to be a better person. 

What do you most love about north Norfolk?

I live in a town but within minutes can be in the countryside.

There are so many choices for walks and great places to eat. But I can also get in the car and spend the day in Norwich.

North Norfolk gives the right balance to my life.

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