Market town photographer hopes to continue capturing people and places

a man smiling

Fakenham photographer Keith Osborn - Credit: Keith Osborn

A photographer's poignant project capturing the people and places in a market town is set to continue.

Keith Osborn from Fakenham started the project in Fakenham in 2019 to show off the faces who make up the town.

He was inspired by British photographer Daniel Meadows, who travelled across the country stopping in towns and capturing the people who made them tick.

“That was the kernel of the idea, I just like the idea of anyone being photographed,” he said.

racecourse clerk wearing flat cap

David Hunter, Clerk of Fakenham Racecourse was Keith last photo. - Credit: Keith Osborn

“They don't have to be special, just ordinary people and that's where I get my interest. Some of them turn out to be extraordinary.”

Mr Osborn has lived in Fakenham for the past 15-years and has worked with Richard Crook at Active Fakenham, helping to capture the events Mr Crook has held.

He also helped the Active Fakenham chairman with his book ‘Impressions of Fakenham’.

The people and places project was, he said, a chance to show his appreciation for the town.

a man wearing a green apron

Paul Cook works in the market town. - Credit: Keith Osborn

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“I obviously love the town, we thoroughly enjoy our lives here,” he said.

“So I wanted to get a snapshot of the town and the people, all the different characters and what they do.

"Finding photos on your doorstep is fascinating. Some people travel the world and take photos, but there is an equally great photo on your doorstep, you just don't always know it is there.”

Mr Osborn who has been working with a camera for the last 12-years has not been able to add to his project as a result of the lockdowns.

a man in a green polo smiling

Barry Wheller was one of the people Mr Osborn photographed. - Credit: Keith Osborn

He did create a book of Fakenham in lockdown between March and May last year but is eager to get back to this.

“I love how it feels unfinished,” he said.

“It is an endless future in some way but there would come a stage where you felt it was complete.

“I am a great believer in photos going in books. I would like to collect the photos and put them in a book and have that book available online and maybe sell one or two.”

a man in high vis

Alastair Degning pictured at his job in Fakenham. - Credit: Keith Osborn