Rotary club hands out late Christmas presents to community supporters

Two men stand next to charity raffle table

Fakenham rotary club's festive raffle saw them raise £2,200 - Credit: Gordon Turner

A rotary club’s Christmas raffle was a huge success and led to donations to four groups of people.

Fakenham Rotary Club's festive raffle saw them raise £2,200 which let them donate £1,200 to Heritage House at Wells, and £350 each to Fakenham's First Focus, EP Youth and Walsingham Primary School.

Heritage House, in Wells, is looking for volunteers Picture: Ian Burt

Heritage House, in Wells - Credit: Ian Burt

Heritage House, which say they need to raise £100,000 every year in voluntary funds to stay open provides safe and therapeutic care for the elderly and isolated of the area.

This last year they have been taking hot lunchtime meals to the homes of elderly people isolated in their homes, many of whom are unable to cook for themselves and would otherwise be unable to ensure that they had a decent meal at least once a day.

They have also been running a telephone-based support system, to stay in touch on either a daily or weekly basis with people who are shielding or unable to come in. As well as providing a free weekly shop to families who have struggled through this difficult time.

The three Fakenham benefactors have used the money in a number of different ways.

Two women outside a office

EP Youth staff members Niki and Karen outside their office on Oak Street. - Credit: Nula Cooper

EP Youth will now be able to provide young people and their families with equipment and the necessary utensils to join them at Tesco Cooking with Jamie Oliver. This will support young people involved with their supper club and Food For All project.

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In a letter to the club, Administrator for EP Youth, Lucinda Freestone said, “young people will be able to follow the cooking programme alongside us, encouraging healthy eating as part of a holistic well-being goal.

“We aim to reach as many young people as possible, with the added benefit of their new learning skills being shared with friends and families, allowing this to have far-reaching, positive effects. We are all very excited about it."

First Focus Project Manager, Clarissa Belson. Picture: Aaron McMillan

First Focus Project Manager, Clarissa Belson. Picture: Aaron McMillan - Credit: Archant

The money will also support First Focus to continue their support to Fakenham residents, as they have seen an increase in their demand for their community fridge project and the delivery of food parcels. It will also help with one to one counselling to support people’s mental health.

Walsingham Primary School will use the money to buy books.