'Vantastic' removals celebrate five years in business

The staff on Vantastic, Christopher Keys (right) Adrian Simpson (centre) and Nik Hill (left).

The staff on Vantastic, Christopher Keys (left) Adrian Simpson (centre) and Nik Hill (right). - Credit: Aaron McMillan

At 24, Adrian Simpson was working for national courier services, but he wanted something more.

He wanted his own business, so he decided to risk it all.

He almost emptied his bank account to buy a second-hand van off eBay and insure it, not knowing what would happen next.

“When I started this I had £3000 in my bank," he said.

"I bought a van for £2000 and by the time I'd insured it, I had £175 left, but I knew that I had something and I could make it work.

Owner of The removal company Vantastic, Adrian Simpson.

Owner of The removal company Vantastic, Adrian Simpson. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

“I saw a gap in the market, and I always loved the idea of working for myself. I just needed to kick up the bum to do it,” he said.

Five years on the risk has paid off, as alongside his best friend, Christopher Keys, Vantastic Removals has grown in stature and size, now having three vans and five members of staff.

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The team became one of the best international removers in the county, with jobs taking them as far as the Outer Hebrides.

Two of Vantastic vans.

Two of Vantastic vans. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Mr Simpson said the business, situated behind the Hempton Road business park, owes their success to their personal service: “When you book a removal with Vantastic you will only speak to the owner of the company and I will hold your hand through the whole process.”

It has not been plain sailing for them, as the pandemic saw work come to a halt. Mr Simpson and his team offered their van on Facebook to anyone in need of help.

The group volunteered to collect food for the Salvation Army, taking it to their hub in Fakenham and their distribution centre in Dereham.

The staff on Vantastic, Christopher Keys (left) and Adrian Simpson (right).

The staff on Vantastic, Christopher Keys (left) and Adrian Simpson (right). - Credit: Aaron McMillan

However, the lack of calls meant the team went looking elsewhere. Mr Simpson worked for Morrisons as a delivery driver, and Mr Keys helped out at Eckling Grange in Dereham, working as a chef.

Since May when they could legally resume work, the team has been flat out due to the stamp duty holiday.

Now all back together, and with a bright future, the 29-year-old reflected on his business:

“I'm just so happy, this was all an accident, I never planned on growing to how we are now," he said.

"Whilst we're not massive, we are handling very large contracts, and to me, I just feel a sense of pride.”