Woman thanks police for rescuing keys from car boot

Sue Buck Williams has praised the police officers in Fakenham.

Sue Buck Williams has praised the police officers in Fakenham after she locked her keys in her car with her Aldi food shop in the boot. - Credit: Ian Burt/Debby Besford

A Fakenham woman has praised police officers who went out of their way to help after she was locked out of her car in an mishap when loading her food shopping into the boot.

Sue Buck-Williams was putting her shopping into the back of her car on September 6 when she dropped her keys into the boot and closed it before realising what had happened.

Left with nothing but her phone, she started planning a way to get back in before her chilled and frozen goods - just bought from the town's Aldi store in Norwich Road - began to thaw. 

She went back into the supermarket to ask a customer assistant for help. He tried his best but was unable to rescue her keys. 

Sue Buck Williams, from Fakenham.

Sue Buck Williams, from Fakenham. - Credit: Debby Besford

Mrs Buck-Williams then called the RAC but was told to expect a three-hour wait. She also called her local garage, but they said it would be an hour before they could get to her, as they were "extremely busy" with MOTs.

With her husband working in Sheringham, Mrs Buck-Williams decided to walk down the road to the police station to see if they could help. 

When she arrived she could not see anyone, despite looking around the building. She began to feel dejected until a policewoman, Sgt Holly Metcalf, came out and offered her assistance. 

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Whilst at the station they offered Mrs Buck-Williams water, tea and somewhere to sit. She was told to hang on, as PC Chris Wright was coming in soon afterwards, and was "a man who can" with vehicles.

Fakenham Police Station PICTURE: Ian Burt

Fakenham Police Station. - Credit: IAN BURT

He took her straight back to the car park where he helped her rescue the car keys and get her back on the road and home, within an hour of being locked out.

“The police went out their way to do this and it felt like it was kindness rather than duty,” she said. 

“I was super grateful, the policeman reassured me that he has done it himself in the past, which I really appreciated.

“I know it is not life-changing stuff but at the time it was very stressful.

“It was such a big relief and I was hugely grateful. If it weren’t for Covid, I would have hugged the policeman.”