‘White-hot’ fireball spotted over Norfolk

A fireball was spotted in the skies over Norfolk. Picture shows a previous fireball. Picture: suppli

A fireball was spotted in the skies over Norfolk. Picture shows a previous fireball. Picture: supplied by Dan Self - Credit: Archant

A fireball spotted by several stargazers in the skies over Norfolk has been described as a 'white-hot star'.

It was seen by EDP writer Stacia Briggs, who was driving along the B1105 towards Wells-next-to-the-Sea with her husband at around 5.15pm on Sunday, January 19.

She said: "We were close to the right-hand turn to Walsingham when we saw something incredibly bright hurtling towards a field,

"It happened so quickly that we didn't have time to wonder what it was, but both of us felt immediately concerned that whatever it was, it would be landing close to us and there might be an impact.

"As what looked like a white-hot star fell from the sky, it had what looked like a greeny-blue tinge to it and my husband said it looked as it had a comet-like trail.

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"There was no sound and I think in reality it landed some distance away from us but it was so bright and looked so large that we both flinched as it fell out of view.

"It really was incredible to see, like a shooting star but bigger and brighter."

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It was reported to the UK Meteor Network Twitter site, which said: "Some fireball reports coming in this evening. Mostly #Norfolk and #Suffolk 6.08pm."

Dan Self, chairman of Breckland Astronomical Society, based in Great Ellingham, said: "Fireballs are pieces of asteroid or comet. Asteroids are rockier while comets are more icy.

"They are probably the size of a stone or pebble. They can hit the atmosphere at up to 70km a second, but it's usually more like 30km a second.

"This fireball could probably have been seen all over England. They are more common the last two months of the year."

It was also seen at about 6pm in Haddiscoe, and one Facebook user posted: "It was a green ball of light falling from the sky towards the ground."

Another user said: "I was driving along the A148 just outside East Rudham heading towards Fakenham about 5.15pm and saw it in the sky ahead. We wondered what it was."

And another added: "There was a bright light hovering to the south-west of Norwich around the same time. Also a series of lights, probably about 10, all on the same trajectory, all an equal distance apart, heading in an easterly direction until they disappeared."

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