'It's to make people happy' - Chippy offering free food for a whole street

Ian Betts holds up a box of fish and chips in his van in Fakenham.

Ian Betts is offering people in Fakenham the chance to 'treat your street' with free fish and chips. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

A Norfolk chippy is offering you the chance to be the most popular person on your street - by providing all your neighbours with free fish and chips.

Ian Betts, from Fakenham, is running a ‘treat your street’ raffle which will see one person in Norfolk the chance to offer up to 100 people a fish and chip supper.

“I am doing this to make a lot of people happy, to see a smile on their faces,” he said.

“I know it's only a few quid to get fish and chips, but imagine people walking up and getting their free fish and chips, they would be chuffed.

“How proud would you be to turn around and say to people it's Friday night, here is free fish and chips, go and help yourself and cheer people up."

A portion of fish and chips in a cardboard box.

A portion of Ian Betts's fish and chips. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Buying the van in 2014, the 42-year-old normally caters for between 50 and 60 weddings a year.

But last year he only had 12 events with anywhere between 15 and 30 people.

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He also runs a chip shop on Station Road in North Elmham, which he opened during the lockdowns.

During the first lockdown, he found himself very busy as he was the only shop opened for areas like Dereham, Fakenham and Holt.

Ian Betts leans on the drop down counter of his fish and chip van.

Ian Betts says he wants to put 'smiles on people's faces' with his free fish and chip offer. - Credit: Aaron McMillan

This time he said it seems quieter, so the raffle was the best idea to keep himself relevant while also spreading some joy.

“It's to keep my name fresh in people's mind, and make sure I am not forgotten about, which I’m sure I have not been,” he said.

“It is to keep me busy, I don't want the van just sitting there doing nothing.

“I'm just hoping people are sensible and only one person is coming out to collect their food at a time."

He is also saying the winner should not encourage people to travel to take part and break the guidance.

The winner will also get a £100 donation from Mr Betts to donate to the charity of their choice.

Tickets for the raffle cost £2 with the goal to sell 600 of them.

Tickets can be purchased here.