Medal of US airman who saved 18 lives in 1953 floods returns to Norfolk

The George Medal

The George Medal which will be displayed at the RAF Sculthorpe Heritage Centre. - Credit: Kevin.J.Osman

A medal given to a heroic American air force sergeant who saved lives during the worst natural disaster in modern British history is set to return to the county. 

Freeman Kilpatrick’s George Medal which he was awarded after his heroics during the floods of 1953 will be displayed at the RAF heritage centre at the Rural Center in Wicken Green. 

The US Air Force Sergeant, who passed away in 2014, was stationed at Sculthorpe.

A man holds the medal in behind a road sign

RAF Sculthorpe heritage centre's curator, Ian Brown holding the George Medal on South Beach Road in Hunstanton. - Credit: Kevin.J.Osman

He was awarded the medal for his heroics, saving 18 people in Hunstanton during the East Coast floods.

The medal was donated to curator of the centre, Ian Brown, after he spoke to Mr Kilpatrick’s son, Alex.

Mr Brown said that during his conversations with Alex he discovered that his father never spoke of his actions and he didn't find out until he was 14.

Mr Brown said, “We are thrilled that we have had this unique opportunity to bring this priceless piece of Norfolk history back for everyone to enjoy and remember the events and actions of many during the 53 floods.”

Freeman Kilpatrick, who has died, helped save 18 people in Hunstanton during the East Coast Floods o

Freeman Kilpatrick helped save 18 people in Hunstanton during the East Coast Floods of 1953. This picture shows him receiving his George Medal - Credit: Archant

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