Flooding concerns over plans for 12 village homes

A computer-generated image of how the proposed development in Hindringham could look. 

A computer-generated image of how the proposed development in Hindringham could look. - Credit: planning documents/design and access statement

Plans for 12 new homes which break with a council's guidelines are in line for approval as they will help provision of affordable housing. 

North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) officers have recommended the project on land south of Wells Road in Hindringham, near Fakenham, go ahead, despite objections from the parish council and several residents.  

But it will be up to councillors on NNDC's development committee to decide whether or not to green light the scheme at their next meeting on Thursday, July 29. 

Foul sewerage issues, a perceived flooding risk, infrastructure and traffic are objectors' main concerns. 

Richard Kershaw, the ward councillor for Priory, said the parish council was not opposed to more homes in principle and the applicant, Broadland Development Services, had improved the design to make it more acceptable.

But Mr Kershaw said: "I have been sent videos of flood water and effluent pouring out on manhole covers into nearby streams and onto farmland.

Richard Kershaw, Liberal Democrat candidate for Priory in the 2019 North Norfolk District Council el

Councillor Richard Kershaw of North Norfolk District Council - Credit: Supplied by Richard Kershaw

"The parish council and parishioners are extremely concerned regarding the existing situation which has shown no sign of being resolved and has been ongoing for years.

"The thought of another development being sited on Wells Road and using this drain system seems to them irresponsible.

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"They have had no reassurance from Anglian Water other than to hear from them that the system is adequate which seems very strange when it is constantly overflowing.

"No remedial work has been undertaken to my knowledge."

Although Anglian Water are not objecting to the plans, they said: "Anglian Water is aware of the sewer that crosses the fields within the catchment area. This sewer is in need of cleaning and some maintenance works.

"We can confirm that these works are not prompted by and are not related to network capacity."

The council's report recommends approval, with the conditions that seven of the homes are offered for 'affordable rent', one to be a shared-ownership dwelling and that the developer pay £2,231 in "visitor impact mitigation contributions".

The report says: "Whilst the proposal represents a departure from the development plan it is considered that the delivery of affordable housing which meets an unmet local need is in the wider public interest and is a corporate priority attracting substantial weight in favour."