'My heart was racing' - Horse rider's shocking encounter with speeding van

A women on her horse.

Jody Sofrin with her horse, Buddy. - Credit: Jody Sofrin

A horse rider has told how she was left in tears after seeing a van speeding straight towards her.

Jody Sofrin from Fakenham was out riding her horse, Buddy, along Sherford Road in the town when she said a van drove towards them at speed on the narrow country road.

The 23-year-old said she spotted the van at the bottom of the road slowly creeping up towards them at 8:30am on January 26.

She believed that the van was giving her time to get herself and Buddy onto the grassy verge, but before she knew it, the van was heading towards them.

A view of the corner of Sherford Road

The corner of Sherford Road in Fakenham where the incident happen - Credit: Jody Sofrin

“I heard them revving up and it was coming directly at us,” she said.

“It was only a small van, I had my high viz on and was waving my arms but he didn’t even look at us.

“I was so scared, my heart was racing.”

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“It would have been a disaster if they hit me, my horse wouldn’t have made it. I dread to think what would have happened to me.”

A boy wearing a hoodie sayinng, 'hit your brakes, not my pont', next to a horse

Jody Sofrin son next to one of her horses. - Credit: Jody Sofrin

The pair managed to get to the verge before anything happened.

Miss Sofrin, who has been riding horses since she was three, was heading along the road to a nearby field after collecting Buddy from her stables which store her six horses.

A woman with her horse

Jody Sofrin with her horse, Buddy. - Credit: Jody Sofrin

“We carried on a little, then I turned around.

“I was still upset, It was horrible. You would expect him to stop and apologize, but he didn’t even look at me."

She said she was frustrated with herself as she forgot to put on her camera to catch the incident and was too shaken up to even look back at the registration plate.

Her mission is now to raise awareness for drivers to take notice of horse riders when out on the road.

“You need to leave them a certain distance to be comfortable when driving near them,” she said.

“A sign on the road warning people about horse riders using this area would be beneficial."