Lidl manager 'speechless' after stranger gives her flowers

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Amie Franks from Fakenham is a shift manager at Lidl. - Credit: Amie Franks

A supermarket manager was left speechless after she was brought flowers by a stranger.

Amie Franks from Fakenham is a shift manager at Lidl on Holt Road in the market town. She has worked at the supermarket for 11 years.

When working on the till on January 4, she was serving a gentleman who made the gesture.

“I served two customers who were talking to me about how my day was going and then the last item scanned was a big bunch of flowers,” she said.

“The gentleman laughed and said ‘those are for you’. I thought he was joking. I laughed and carried on. He then said ‘just passing on a kind gesture for your work’ and walked off.

“I was speechless and when finishing my next customer I ran outside to say 'thank you' as I felt so rude for not thanking them properly, but they had gone.”

A bright bouquet of flowers

Amie Franks was given the flowers by a shopper while working at Lidl. - Credit: Amie Franks

Miss Franks used Facebook to try and thank the man but instead was greeted by more than 500 messages of thanks from across Facebook.