Crackdown on parking in pedestrianised areas in Fakenham

A women with a buggy is blocked by a parked car

People have been forced to walk onto the roads as parked cars block the footway on Norwich Street. - Credit: Angela Glynn

People living in a Norfolk town have been warned about plans to crack down on parking in pedestrianised areas.

Fakenham town council say they have noticed a rise in vehicles parking on cobbled areas and on footways in the town over the last year and have approached Norfolk County Council to combat the issue.

The council discussed this with the Highways Department at the county council, where it was revealed that the traffic order needed revising to allow enforcement to take place.

cars being parked in pedestrian areas

Fakenham town council say they have noticed a rise in vehicles parking on cobbled areas in the Upper Market area. - Credit: Angela Glynn

The council say with less traffic in the town centre due to the lockdowns, some motorists have developed the habit of parking with either two, or sometimes all four, wheels on the footway in Norwich Street

Mayor for the town, Gilly Foortse, said, “The council very much hopes that motorists will observe the new signs and stop parking in this area, which is intended for pedestrian use only.

“I have personally witnessed pedestrians having to jump out of the way of a van taking a short cut in front of the original factory shop.

a women smiling at Fakenham Christmas light switch on 2019

Fakenham Mayor, Gilly Foortse - Credit: Aaron McMillan

“It was very alarming and leaves pedestrians feeling quite shaken up.

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“We urge motorists to observe the new signs and find parking spaces nearby. We have hundreds of spaces in our town centre car parks".

New signs will be installed and enforcement officers from Kings Lynn Borough Council will have powers to issue parking penalty notices if vehicles park in the pedestrianised area or on the footway in Norwich Street.

A google map of Norwich Street

The council say drivers have been parking on Norwich Street to jump out to pick up a takeaway or to use the cashpoint at Lloyds Bank. - Credit: Google Maps

The town council will be providing posters for town centre shops and placing notices advising drivers of the new arrangements and where off-street parking can be found.

Mrs Foortse wanted to assure everyone that this is being done for the convenience and safety of pedestrians.

"We would ask motorists to think carefully before stopping for a few minutes to go to the cashpoint or to pick up a pizza,” she said.

“Please park in one of the town centre car parks and add a little exercise to your day."