Bid to build 35m 4G mast outside north Norfolk village

Hindolveston Wood

A 35m telecommunications mast could be erected on a site to the immediate southeast of Hindolveston Wood. - Credit: Google

A telecommunications mast ascending to 35 metres could be built outside a north Norfolk village.

The plan would see the installation of a 114ft high lattice tower supporting three antennas, four electric meter cabinets and two transmission dishes within a fenced compound.

The proposed site is agricultural land to the immediate southeast of Hindolveston Wood, off Guestwick Road.

Cornerstone, a telecommunications services provider, say the mast is needed to enable the rollout of smart meters and provide 4G service where there is no coverage in large swathes of the rural area.

They say the site would be set against a backdrop of mature trees rising to 27m and that the mast's proposed height of 35m is "essential" in order for the antennas to reach the coverage area.

A decision on the bid, currently in the hands of planners at North Norfolk District Council, is expected by June 9.