Fakenham park dubbed 'drugstore' as fears raised over anti-social behaviour

Fakenham town council is hoping to install CCTV at millennium park on Queens Road

More concern has been raised over the rise of anti-social behaviour and drug use taking place in Millennium Park - Credit: Aaron McMillan

Further concerns over drug use and anti-social behaviour at a Fakenham park that councillors say has been dubbed 'drugstore' by young people locally.

Fakenham Town Council once again heard fears over the behaviour taking place in Millennium Park at its full council meeting on April 20. The park has gained a reputation for being a hot spot for anti-social behaviour and drug use.

Speaking at the meeting, Angela Glynn, who sits on the council, said the issue is worse than first feared.

A group of councillors meet over zoom

Fakenham Town Councillors discussed the park at their council meeting over Zoom - Credit: Aaron McMillan

“I was speaking to a friend and I asked him quite casually about Millennium Park and he said, ‘Oh, you mean the drugstore’, that's what the kids call it,” she said.

“I think we not only have an antisocial behaviour problem, we probably have something slightly more serious.”

At the meeting, councillors also heard from a resident, who asked if the skate park at the park could be moved.

Justin Wakefield is proposing a track to be built in Fakenham's Millennium Park. Picture: Justin Wak

Fakenham's Millennium Park - Credit: Archant

Gilly Foortse, mayor, said she met with the couple who live nearby, and spoke to them regarding their concern about the increase in behaviour and insulting comments towards them.

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Mrs Foortse said she hoped the council could make it a place ‘where all generations can support themselves rather than just a preserve for the young’ but said this has been an issue for quite some time.

“We are having a significant problem with this anti-social behaviour, and drugs, it's the modern world for you, unfortunately,” she said.

Justin Wakefield is proposing a track to be built in Fakenham's Millennium Park. Picture: Justin Wak

Fakenham's Millennium Park - Credit: Archant

“Once the new police commissioner has been elected, we will draw his attention to this matter as well.

“With the previous commissioner, we took a walk around town, and we walked up to Millennium Park and one of the first things he saw was a syringe, so we've really got to get onto this.”

The council are currently trying to place CCTV in the park to help combat the rise in anti-social behaviour, as well as making it a focus at the next SNAP meeting. They are also hoping for the police to start a daily foot patrol of the park.

However, Mark Campbell, the councillor who represents them at the meetings said he would try and arrange something beforehand.

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