'We can't tolerate breaches' - Council gives Covid warnings to takeaways

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North Norfolk District Council preformed spot checks on takeaways - Credit: Archant

A senior councillor said their Covid spot checks are not there to shame businesses after issuing a series warnings.

Nigel Lloyd, North Norfolk District Council's portfolio holder for environmental services, said that Covid officers along with the police performed spot checks on takeaways in part of the area. 

They were not a result of complaints from the public, rather the Covid officers, who have been in place since pubs first reopened, making sure businesses comply with regulations while also being able to operate safely. 

NNDC confirmed that "work was carried out due to repeated failure to wear face coverings when serving customers and working along-side other staff which is clearly a risk to the employees and the public."

They did not disclose the location of the spot checks as they do not want to see businesses shunned.

Home deliveries now have to be contactless to avoid spreading coronavirus Picture: GETTY

Covid officers preformed spot checks on six takeaways - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“The business messed up, and if it goes further then they could end up in court and their name will be published,” Mr Lloyd said.

“Right now it's just about improving what they are doing.

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“We want the businesses to be successful and to stay open but we can't tolerate breaches in the national Covid guidelines.

“If our actions spread the word to other businesses then so much the better.”

North Norfolk District Council member Nigel Lloyd

North Norfolk District Council member Nigel Lloyd - Credit: Archant

They visited six businesses, one had full compliance, three were served improvement notices and two received warnings.

“People are coming to the end of their tethers and I'm part of that," he said.

"I just want to go to a pub and restaurant but we are not out of it yet so there are people out there to protect. 

"It's part of our duty at the council and environmental health to have these resources in place.

“The message is to abide by the national standard, not asking to do anything beyond what anyone else is doing.”

Mr Lloyd praised the work of the Covid officers helping to keep spread low in the area.

“It is frustrating because we have done really well in Norfolk. At the council meeting, I alluded to saying how we got the lowest numbers of Covid and some of that is down to the good work our officers do when others go to bed,” he said.