Ex-councillor defends building work after being removed from position

19A Station Road, next door to The Little Chippy in Ryburgh

Christopher Buxton has defended the building work he has done at 19A Station Road in Great Ryburgh - Credit: Neil Dandy

A former parish councillor who was removed after allegedly carrying out building work without planning permission has insisted he did nothing wrong.

Christopher Buxton was removed from Ryburgh parish council after failing to attend any meetings over the last six months.

He also lost the confidence of the council after carrying out building work on a property in the village without planning permission.

The council raised concerns he carried out ‘illegal building work’ at 19 Station Road in the village. However, Mr Buxton said he was working on 19A, to lower the 12ft inside ceiling to 7ft.

He also said that he does not own the building, but his mother, Audrey, does.

“The building belongs to my mother, who was granted planning permission in 2013 to convert the building into a two-bedroom dwelling and a chip shop. The dwelling is now for her to downsize into,” he said.

“If we were not in a conservation area it wouldn’t be a problem.”

A white bungalow in Great Ryburgh,

19 Station Road in Great Ryburgh. - Credit: Google Maps

A spokesperson for North Norfolk District Council said, “The council is involved in an ongoing live planning enforcement investigation. This may result in criminal charges being laid and therefore it is inappropriate for the council to comment further on the case at this point.”

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He justified his work with article 61 of the Magna Carta, in which he said, “it all comes down to the fact that I am standing under Article 61 of the Magna Carta, which Ryburgh Parish Council either does not understand or get to grips with, or they choose not to, which is why they have decided they have no confidence in me as a councillor.”

A parish council spokesman said, "Article 61 of the Magna Carta is not recognised by our legal system or any offices of governance."

The council received complaints from people in the village about the work. Mr Buxton believes the complaints were "no surprise". 

A spokesperson for the council said, "Ryburgh Parish Council suggest that Mr Buxton contacts the monitoring officer at North Norfolk District Council so that his concerns may be properly investigated."