Neighbourhood plan takes another step forward

The picturesque harbour at Wells-next-the-Sea, with boats basking in beautiful sunshine. Picture: DE

The Wells neighbourhood plan will be discussed at the next full council meeting on June 6 - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

A proposal for a plan which is set to reshape a coastal town is taking another step forward.

The Wells neighbourhood plan will be discussed at the next full council meeting on June 6, as the town decides where the proposal of 60 new homes will be built.

The plan has been in the works since February 2019 and brought residents to the Gordon Barrett Memorial Hall in Clubbs Lane last October so they could find out more about and comment on the proposals.

Wells quay. There were a few, but not many, visitors to Wells on the first day after the 'stay at ho

The Wells neighbourhood plan has been in the works since 2019 - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The meeting will include a presentation of the 145-page draft, which has been formed following the last public consultation, to the town council, who will then have just under a month to review it before its next meeting on July 4.

Town councillors will examine the policies, which relate the housing, employment, services, the environment and climate change.

Whilst the public cannot take part in the discussion on June 6, they are welcomed to the meeting to get an early insight into the plans ahead of the public consultation in July.

From there, barring any issues, the council will approve the plan for public consolation which will be open to the people of Wells.

This will take place on July 15 and 16, once again in the Gordon Barrett hall, where anyone can express their views, but they need to be in writing.

Wells town councillor Roger Arguile.

Wells town councillor Roger Arguile. - Credit: Submitted

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Roger Arguile, chair of the working group for the neighbourhood plan said: “The plan is important because it gives Wells an opportunity to express its preferences about these matters around housing, employment and other factors.

“We responded to their views which they expressed last October and we hope people will approve of how we have followed their lead.

“The public will not be able to take part in the council's deliberations on June 6, but they will have an opportunity to look at the plan and express their views on July 15 and 16th.”

Staithe Street in Wells. There were a few, but not many, visitors to Wells

The public consultation for the Wells neighbourhood plan opens in July - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Following the consultation, the plan will then go to the district examiner.

Eventually, the plan will be presented in full to the people of Wells, with a referendum on the proposal set to take place later this year. 

The current draft of the plan can be viewed online on the Wells Town Council website, going to publications, and clicking on the Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Draft.