Emergency services take part in night-time exercise off Norfolk coast

Wells RNLI Lifeboat coxswain, Allen Frary was given a seaborne send-off by his fellow lifesavers, wi

Multiple agencies took part in a training exercise on Wells saltmarsh Monday evening - Credit: Archant

A multi-agency exercise took place under darkness off the north Norfolk coast.

RNLI Wells were joined by Norfolk Police and HM Coastguard on Monday evening to practice search and rescue techniques and water safety.

The training took place at Wells saltmarsh, testing the ability of the different agencies to cooperate during multiple tasks.

Three groups of RNLI volunteer crews acted as casualties, who had become lost on the saltmarsh during rising tides.

Lifeboat operations manager, Chris Hardy, said: "These opportunities are an invaluable way for the local agencies to practice various rescue scenarios together, and to get a clearer understanding of which areas may require further training.

"Ensuring safety along our coastline is a priority to all organisations involved, and an important service to our local community as well as visitors to our region.

"We are very grateful to all involved on Monday and for their excellent cooperation in what was a complex exercise that created many challenges’.